Any path you take in life is a choice. There are those among us that choose the path of least resistance – short-term pleasures at the sacrifice of long-term progress. But barbecue people learn something early. The time, the effort, the energy – all that work is full of rewards that “easy” can’t offer. 

Feed whatever fire burns inside of you. We’ll tend to the barbecue.

Our story

It all began in 1985, inside of an old pizza restaurant on Clairmont Avenue in Birmingham, AL. The formula was simple. Celebrate the heritage of revered barbecue masters, cut no corners on the menu, and serve the whole community like family.

That philosophy allowed us to create something special. An authentic barbecue restaurant with chefs and pitmasters. A nod to our past recipes, with eyes towards the future. Sit down dining on one hand, and a drive-through on the other. No freezers, no microwaves, and no shortcuts. 12-hour slow-smoked pork and beef, but served real fast. A celebration of Alabama, but a reverence for the barbecue tradition across the South.

It’s the kind of place that only happens when you don’t follow the crowd, but instead follow your heart, trust your gut, and simply do things the hard way. 

Today, Jim ‘N Nick’s has become an icon of the barbecue community. One bite and you’ll understand why, there’s only one Jim ‘N Nick’s.

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feed your fire