Scenes from The Big Apple BBQ Block Party

Well folks, another Big Apple BBQ Block Party in New York City has come and passed.  Here are some scenes of the fun and friends that gathered with the Jim ‘n Nick’s Team while we were there this past weekend.

Can’t wait for next year!

JNN_BABBP12_BrendaHaire_MarthaMartin JNN_BABBP12_GeorgeMendes_Monica_JosephLenn_FrancisLam JNN_BABBP12_hotlinks JNN_BABBP12_Instructions JNN_BABBP12_Kenny_Danny JNN_BABBP12_Nick_JohnCurrence JNN_BABBP12_Nick_Kenny_Rodney JNN_BABBP12_SamBurn_Jennifercole JNN_BABBP12_SamJones_JohnCurrence_RodneyScott JNN_BABBP12_Team JNN_BABBP12_TeamMembers JNN_grill_links_David JNN_NicoleLang_PimentoCheese_links JNN_smoker_pig_nick JNN_smoker