Biscuits: The Cure For Writer’s Block

Crafting a story is a bit like baking biscuits. It’s about tradition and a good formula. The feel of the dough–of not overworking. Just the right amount of time and heat coming together to reveal the richness of the final product. Some folks are scared of baking biscuits because of the potential for failure just as there is often fear of putting pen to blank paper. Will the elements of come together in a delicious way?

If you are the type of person who waxes poetic about gravy, pimento cheese, barbecue and the like, you should gather with the like-minded biscuit soppers and wordsmiths who will be at the inaugural Southern Food Writing Conference taking place in Knoxville, TN on May 17 & 18, 2012. Southern food-writing icons such as John Egerton, Brett Anderson, Fred Sauceman, Nathalie Dupree and Ronni Lundy come together to discuss what makes our food and culture worth writing about.

There will be educational sessions that cover topics like cookbook authorship, breaking into food writing as a career, a publisher’s perspective and a sticky interview with two delightful sorghum makers.  Culinary historians will offer tips on collecting stories and research tactics. Editors and journalists speak about recognizing present and future Southern food craft. Plenty of food and beverage throughout the conference will keep the wheels of your mind greased.

The good folks at Blackberry Farm in the Smoky Mountain foothills will serve you drinks and cook dinner for you in one of the most breathtaking places on the planet. The farm and culinary team at Blackberry Farm are deeply devoted to preserving and presenting visitors to their renowned resort a beautiful taste of the food from that particular part of Tennessee.

The Southern Food Writing Conference is all part of the International Biscuit Festival taking place in Knoxville.  The festival is the perfect place for biscuit eaters and bakers, as well as readers and writers to come together for fellowship and discussion of facing the fear of dough or parchment. And while some folks might think a biscuit makes for a sleepy day, hard working Southerners have always known that biscuits with a good sop of sorghum or gravy makes for a full day of work with no weariness.  Biscuits are a secret cure for writers block.

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Kneading fresh Jim 'N Nick's Baked Cheese Biscuits dough Cutting Jim 'N Nick's Baked Cheese Biscuits from fresh dough with biscuit cutter Placing Jim 'N Nick's Baked Cheese Biscuits on baking sheet Jim 'N Nick's Baked Cheese Biscuits